Time to Meet the MyUntangled® Family


Jacob Clayton

Chief Geek

Jacob’s lust for learning many languages began in 1995 with his first “real job” as an entry level computer support specialist. Fast forward over 15 years, many companies, and what seems like a million bytes of information later, his entrepreneurial spirit took over. As Chief Geek, he is often heard babbling away in CSS, PHP, HTML and SEO. Also a lover of some good content, he sharpens his skills on our lifestyle blog.

Joanne Becotte

Virtual Princess

After 12 long years in Database management, fundraising and special events, Joanne was ready to break out on her own and get a virtual party started. As Virtual Princess, she waves her wand for small businesses and non-profits that need a little magic to help them manage their day-to-day. Her super crazy database skills also keep our business untangled while her writing helps us stay well rounded!


Company Dog

As company DOG, Ruby’s main function was to be really cute and to remind the humans that it’s important to get up, stretch and take a walk in the fresh air every now and then. Once a stray on the streets of Virginia, Ruby developed a love for photography and poetry and was often told he should consider modeling. Learn more about Ruby on his dog blog or his animal charity, Friends Of Ruby.

Beth Lucht

Beth Lucht

image queen

A recovering realtor, Beth recently decided a life change was in order and by way of Wisconsin and Massachusetts, found her way to the southeastern coast of North Carolina, or as she likes to think of it, a little slice of heaven. As an editor and writer, interactive media consultant, videographer and photographer she helps small businesses maintain their online marketing real estate.

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

company dawg

Cameron started his own creative video production company in 2006 when he was 11 years old. From there, he taught himself the basics of cinematography, directing, editing, graphic design, audio mixing, and tons of other things that are probably not necessary to mention in this blurb. He is currently studying film and creative writing at UNCW while also working for MyUntangled Media to help make videos good and fast.

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